Chameleon Code Projects

Who we are?

We help small-to-medium sized businesses develop Apps and other Software, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional model, even if you're currently considering outsourcing.

CODEiverse WIKI (learn more )

With our easy-to-use WIKI style specification environment, we help you and your team to collaboratively develop a comprehensive description of exactly What "The Project" is, and What it needs to do. Usually this collaboration is just simple, natural language, English. For more technical aspects of the project we might branch out to a spreadsheet or two.

Chameleon Code SDK (learn more ) then translates the 'specification' WIKI into a Library of Source Code (on demand), created specifically for Your Project. This 'Chameleon Code SDK' is generated or 'derived' 100% directly from the words that you and your team provide. This effectively injects many of these decisions directly into the SDK Code, which is pushed into a branch in your GIT repository called CODEiverse.

Now, any time the CODEiverse WIKI specification is updated, that branch is automatically updated to match the new WIKI, and your developers choose which of those changes to merge into their code. It is not uncommon for this Derived Code to provide 80% or more of the total source code needed in a project.

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Who are you?

Have an Idea for an App? (learn more )

Even if you've never created an App or even written any software before, at CODEiverse, we can help lead you through each step of the process.

Already have Technology? (learn more )

If you have already started developing an app, or have other technology already in the works - even better. Documenting what you have with a CODEiverse SDK will allow you to take control of this tech like never before.

You want control (learn more )

The CODEiverse approach puts you in the driver seat from start to finish. Because the CODEiverse WIKI is designated as being the authoritative source of truth, this puts you in control of virtually every aspect of your technology, across languages, platforms and environments, starting on day one during the design phase, but is going through development and into the production phase of the process.

Subscription Plans


Starter SDK

Make your team 30-40% more efficient by leveraging your resources more effectively.

  • Unlimited CODEiverse Projects
  • Includes 2 users, $20/user after that
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Integrate seamlessly with Google Drive
  • Integrate seamlessly with GIT (github)
  • Unlimited Training
  • Professional Services: $100/hr

Small Business SDK

Managing a larger team? By the time you have 5 users who need to be involved, the Small Business SDK is probably a better fit for you.

  • Unlimited CODEiverse Projects
  • Includes 5 users, $10/user after that
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Integrate seamlessly with Google Drive
  • Integrate seamlessly with GIT (github)
  • Unlimited Training
  • Professional Services: $100/hr

Why CODEiverse?

Build Faster (learn more )

Develop your MVP faster by having CODEiverse provide most of the internal plumbing for your application.

Build Better (learn more)

Develop better, more reliable, consistent, high quality tech, with fewer bugs than anything you've likely experienced before.

Completely Flexible Tech-Stack (learn more)

Build your code, using your language and your tech stack, on top the rock-solid foundation that a CODEiverse SDK provides for your project.


Always up to Date (learn more)

The code in the Chameleon Code SDK area always up to date. i.e. - they will always match (as a set) the current specification provided by the Chameleon Code WIKI.

Seamless Git Integration (learn more)

The current version of the SDK, at any point in time, is always available on the CODEiverse branch of your git repo.

Seamless Offshoring (learn more)

By starting with a very detailed description of exactly what is needed, integrating with teams working off-site or off-shore has never been easier.